1st Intern Bootcamp

We organize Intern Bootcamps twice each year, and the reason we do that is to be able to give a chance to the young people in our ecosystem that want to improve themselves and have a say as successful developers, designers or project managers.

The Intern Bootcamp consists of 4 workshops specifically designed for different backgrounds of the short-listed attendees, and at the end of a full day with challenging tasks, we find a talented match for Atölye15 to become our intern and work with us in our Izmir office.

250+ Intern Applications
50 Attendees
4 Workshops
1 Winner
Photos from Atölye15 1st Intern Bootcamp

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Do you believe you have got a great idea or are you looking for a remote team to build products for your company? Contact us and let's see what we can do for you.


2nd Intern Bootcamp

In this year's Intern Bootcamp we have come together with our applicants of whom we selected from a group of 300 applicants and did a workshop marathon all day with designers and developers and decided who would be our new team member.


3rd Intern Bootcamp

Our Intern Bootcamps are a great opportunity to showcase your talents as a developer or designer, and after a day full of workshops, it is possible that you will be the team member we are looking for, who’ll work with us in our Izmir office.