2nd Intern Bootcamp

In this year’s Intern Bootcamp as the second one we have organized, we have come together with 50 applicants of whom we have eliminated from a group of more than 400 applicants and with them, we had a full day of workshops consisted of tasks that are assigned to developers, designers and project managers, to decide on who would be our new team member to become an intern at Atölye15 in our Izmir office.

400+ Intern Applications
50 Attendees
4 Workshops
1 Winner
Photos from Atölye15 2nd Intern Bootcamp

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1st Intern Bootcamp

We organize our Bootcamps in Izmir to find new team players. The first Intern Bootcamp consisted of compelling workshops that lasted all day, and after that we found out who is going to be our new team member.


3rd Intern Bootcamp

Our Intern Bootcamps are a great opportunity to showcase your talents as a developer or designer, and after a day full of workshops, it is possible that you will be the team member we are looking for, who’ll work with us in our Izmir office.