6th Intern Bootcamp

Each Intern Bootcamp gathers a lot of attention from young and talented people who are in pursuit of showing their talents and ideas in our bootcamp that lasts all day.

The 6th one of them all, we have organized our Intern Bootcamp this time with 50 talents we have selected among 500 applicants. Throughout the day; we have worked on projects together to find who are to be our new interns to join the team at Atölye15.

500+ Intern Applications
50 Attendees
4 Workshops
2 Winners
Photos from Atölye15 6th Intern Bootcamp
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4th Intern Bootcamp

Our fourth Intern Bootcamp of 2018 was held at Originn at April 7th in which we had more than 300 applications and among them we have eliminated a group of talented designers and developers; we spent a full day consisted of four workshops to select one of the attendees to become a new member of our team.


5th Intern Bootcamp

Our fifth Intern Bootcamp this year got more than 450 applications from which we have selected 50 attendees and we eventually ended up eliminating them to 2 participants to come and join us in Atölye15.