As one of the most inspiring entrepreneurship events, IzmirUp was organized by Atölye15 and Entrepreneurship Foundation (GIRVAK) in Izmir, Turkey.

We have come together to listen to 13 successful entrepreneurs who have shared their experiences and gave insightful speeches for young people to lead them in a way that they are inspired to do their best at starting new businesses and show their ability to become entrepreneurs.

8 Sessions
13 Speakers
400 Attendees
6 Companies
Photos from IzmirUp
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This year at WTK we have created a designated area to be able to have more exclusive network sessions. More than 950 attendants had the chance to listen to guest speakers and insightful presentations, and expand their networks at the same time.



We are proudly hosting WTK for a couple of years now; this year with 10 speakers and 650 attendees at the event where experienced developers and designers of the ecosystem meet the attendants and talk about web technologies, development, UI/UX and design.