Front-End development

Using top class tools, technologies and frameworks enables us to create clean and semantic code that performs well on every device.

We are eager to use modern JS Frameworks and choose the best technology available for specific needs of the project.

Tools & Technologies

We use effective tools & technologies


Responsive Layout

Responsiveness is a must for modern web development, by using responsive architecture we make our projects accessible for a wide range of platforms and screen sizes.

Component Based Development

Component based development is an effective method for building maintainable large scale web projects. We not only sweat every detail of the components but also serve the whole project to make it modular and maintainable.

Modern JS Frameworks

We are eager to use Modern JS Frameforks such as Angular and React to create single page applications that uses real-time data and reduces serverside requests.

Living Styleguides

Living styleguides is a dynamic documentation technique that grows with your project. We document our HTML, CSS and JS of every component in a simple knowledgebase that makes it editable and re-usable.

Maintainable and Scalable CSS

Modern web projects need to constantly improved due to new needs. The way we write our code enables us to maintain and scale our CSS.

Universal Application Development

We build interfaces that works efficiently in every environment. Using the universal development techniques enables us to fullfill a wide range of project’s needs and efficient in every way possible.

Atölye15 Front-End Development

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UI / UX Design

Passionate about creating efficient human-computer interactions via universal design principles and usability of best practices.


Back-End Development

Creating solid yet scalable solutions for companies and startups such as Cloud/Back-end Architecture, API design and DevOps.