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Our approach

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We’re a tight-knit group of people made up of diverse, dynamic, and driven individuals from every walk of life. And our collective desire to be the best at what we do is the glue that binds us together.

Here are the core values that help us unlock our potential to perform our best and have fun while doing it:

We’ve been around for 15 years and we’re still going strong.

Ever since 2009, we’ve been honored to partner with 180+ clients from 8 countries and to have built 200+ products with exceptionally talented team members who’ve helped connect us to 40 million+ users from all over the world and made it possible for our partners to raise a total of 150 million+ USD in investments thanks to the products we developed together.

Prioritizing human experiences

While technology lies at the core of what we do, it is people that’s at the heart of all we achieve.

Building stunning digital products is our forte. But what we pride ourselves in is bringing talented and like-minded people together to let them unleash and unite their creative forces in an open and safe workplace.

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Committed to our community

We share what we know to watch our community grow.

We believe we can only rise by lifting others. And that’s why we regularly organize events to strengthen the ties in our community and share our knowledge and experience to ignite innovation.

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Expanding our global reach

We’re going beyond our borders to help you go beyond your goals.

Headquartered in İzmir with an additional office in Berlin, we’re on a mission to expand our services with upcoming openings of various European offices and widen our talent pool with exceptional teammates from all across the globe.

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Here are the answers to all you’ve been wondering about

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  • Who are your ideal partners?

    Our partners are primarily SMEs, large-scale companies, and well-funded startups located mostly in the US and Europe. However, when collaborating on a project, we don’t just base our decisions on how big a brand is. We base it on our team’s faith in the project and the potential partner’s ability to share the same passion and vision as us. Because when we have a partner that can communicate with us on the same wavelength and get excited to create a product that will make a difference, our team works wonders.

  • Why should I consider your software development company as a partner?

    Because we’ve been around for the last 15 years and delivered more than 200 digital products for companies of all sizes and industries. With these projects, we helped our partners connect with over 40 million users from across the globe and raise a total of 150 million USD in investments thanks to the products we developed together.  

    Based on our extensive and long-standing experience, our team is highly capable of understanding your challenges and providing you with full-cycle software development services that perfectly align with your vision and deliver mind-blowing results. Once you choose us as your development partner, you'll finally be able to leave behind the uncertainties and challenges of hiring freelancers or unreliable software companies and enjoy the stability of a dedicated expert team.

    For further information, please feel free to check out what our clients say about us in our Clutch reviews and read more about our core values on our About us page.

  • Where is your HQ?

    Our Headquarters is located in İzmir. But, even though our development team is mainly based in İzmir, our business development processes are mostly carried out through our Berlin office since we primarily work with global clients that are usually from Europe and the US.

  • How do you maintain your company culture?

    We believe that our company culture is what binds us together at all times.  So, coming together as a team to create bonding experiences to keep our culture alive has become one of our utmost priorities. Whether it’s gathering in the office to discuss a technical topic at length, organizing legendary team retreats to blow off some steam with the crew, or hosting epic parties to celebrate being part of such an exciting and tight-knit bunch, we make sure to create memorable moments that will stay with us for years to come. If you’d like to take a closer look at our events and get a taste of the Atolye15 company culture, check out our YouTube channel or Instagram account.

  • How do you contribute to the community?

    Long story short, we share what we know to watch our community grow. For years, we’ve been organizing events to educate tens of thousands using the technical know-how we’ve been gathering in the last 15 years of our practice. Because we believe that we can only rise by lifting others. And with this giveback culture embraced by everyone on our team, we never cease to play our part in strengthening the ties in our ecosystem and making an impact that matters.