We love to get together, teach & learn

We do what we really love and we share our passion by the events we host in our community to inspire people and contribute to the ecosystem.

We organize and host various events in which you can get to know us, meet up with developers, designers and entrepreneurs, ask your questions and have a chit-chat with them while expanding your professional network and strengthening your connections for future opportunities.


How to Get Better at Writing CSS

On this meetup, we are focusing on fundamental CSS, the reasons why we do not code with Pure CSS, the differences between SCSS and CSS, Linters and their usage on CSS. We are also examining SCSS in details.

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Glimpses from our events


7th Intern Bootcamp

Our seventh Intern Bootcamp on December has received more than 400 applications from which we have selected 40 attendees to join us on this challenging and fun day to determine who will be the additional new member to Atölye15 team.

Celebrating 10 Years

We celebrated our 10th year recently with our clients, friends, our team with a glorious party on 15th September. We boosted our energy and we'll now continue doing our best to grow and learn more each day!

6th Intern Bootcamp

Our sixth Intern Bootcamp this April has received more than 500 applications from which we have selected 50 attendees and we eventually ended up eliminating them to 2 successful participants to come and join us in Atölye15.

PHPKonf Izmir

PHPkonf is an event held at Ege University on March 9th, 2019 with Atölye15 being one of the sponsors. We have talked about PHP ecosystem, Software Architecture, Clean Code Design, Modern API’s, Web Frameworks and End-to-end DevOps with 6 speakers who are experts on their field, with 400 attendees.


We master the art of balancing hardwork and having fun! This year we have again organized our annual year-end camp in Izmir and had an amazing day looking back at what we have accomplished in the previous year and brainstormed about the upcoming year.

5th Intern Bootcamp

Our fifth Intern Bootcamp this year got more than 450 applications from which we have selected 50 attendees and we eventually ended up eliminating them to 2 participants to come and join us in Atölye15.


This year at WTK we have created a designated area to be able to have more exclusive network sessions. More than 950 attendants had the chance to listen to guest speakers and insightful presentations, and expand their networks at the same time.

4th Intern Bootcamp

Our fourth Intern Bootcamp of 2018 was held at Originn at April 7th in which we had more than 300 applications and among them we have eliminated a group of talented designers and developers; we spent a full day consisted of four workshops to select one of the attendees to become a new member of our team.

3rd Intern Bootcamp

Our Intern Bootcamps are a great opportunity to showcase your talents as a developer or designer, and after a day full of workshops, it is possible that you will be the team member we are looking for, who’ll work with us in our Izmir office.


We are proudly hosting WTK for a couple of years now; this year with 10 speakers and 650 attendees at the event where experienced developers and designers of the ecosystem meet the attendants and talk about web technologies, development, UI/UX and design.


This is the most inspiring entrepreneurship event which is organised by Atölye15 and Entrepreneurship Foundation (GIRVAK) in Izmir, Turkey; where many successful entrepreneurs gave insightful speeches to encourage young people towards starting new and inspiring businesses.

2nd Intern Bootcamp

In this year’s Intern Bootcamp we have come together with our applicants of whom we selected from a group of 300 applicants and did a workshop marathon all day with designers and developers and decided who would be our new team member.


WTK is a conference based on web & mobile technologies that brings together developers, designers and people who are eager to learn about web technologies.

1st Intern Bootcamp

We organize our Bootcamps in Izmir to find new team players. The first Intern Bootcamp consisted of compelling workshops that lasted all day, and after that we found out who is going to be our new team member.


The first WTK as a web and mobile technologies conference that brings together developers, designers, and people who are eager to learn about web technologies, hosted 12 speakers who gave insightful speeches.

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