100-day MVP

Build and launch your MVP in just 100 days

Why you should prefer our 100-Day MVP model

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We know that you want to hit the market within the shortest amount of time and without breaking the bank!

But to achieve that goal, your product must include only a minimum set of features as its bare functionality. And that’s why we’ve come up with our 100-day MVP model to get you started immediately. With 15 years of extensive product development experience, we’re more than capable of crafting an MVP over the course of 100 days and choosing the core and most vital features to test your product viability. And down below are just some of the benefits of partnering with us to build you a successful MVP!

A cluster of pink, black, and white stickers with “Fast product release,” “100-day MVP,” and “On time on budget” written on them.

Product clarity

Considering you can only fit limited features into your MVP, you should certainly be strategic while choosing which ones to include. And having built various MVPs over the years, we can help you keep your focus on fundamental functions and ensure you don’t lose sight of your project’s core purposes.


Unlike cluttered, feature-heavy products, the MVP we’ll develop for you won’t require you to splurge excessive amounts of money or time. This way, if your end-users decide they don’t like your product, you won’t have let a fortune go down the drain!

Product-market fit

Achieving the ideal product-market fit is key to success! At the end of 100 days, you’ll have an MVP to test the market demand for your product. Based on your findings, you may add or eliminate some features to better meet user expectations. We can assist you in using AI tools to provide deeper insights into user behavior and preferences, helping to refine your product more effectively.

Seamless execution

Our commitment to writing clean code and adopting Agile methodologies leave no room for unpredictable errors or misunderstandings. So, we’ll rid your MVP of unnecessary interruptions and delays, speeding up your time-to-market and providing you with a smooth development process.

A base for expansion

After releasing your MVP, you can assess initial user reactions to gather data and feedback, which might either steer you in the direction of changing your concept at the early stages or give you the green light to develop the full version. Using AI, we can quickly analyze user feedback and identify trends to inform your next steps.

Investment attraction

The MVP we’ll build for you will demonstrate the validity of your product and prove its market value based on the reaction it receives. This way, it’ll provide potential investors with measurable data, therefore, sound reasons to offer the funding you need.

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What does our 100-day MVP process look like?

1st Day

Ideation Phase

With you as the product owner and us as the product development team, our first task is to understand the problems your product aims to solve and the challenges faced by your target audience by using story mapping methodology. Based on the outcome of this step, we use methods such as the MoSCoW prioritization to find the MVP scope of our product.

We can also integrate AI to discover exciting new opportunities and develop a comprehensive AI strategy roadmap. This roadmap will detail how AI can solve your business challenges and enhance productivity. In interactive sessions, we'll create customized prototypes and use data insights to identify where AI can truly transform your business operations.

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10th Day

Execution Phase

Starting from day one, the product will follow state-of-the-art software engineering practices designed to keep feature development at a stable pace even after 100 days.

We are aware of the importance of making frequent deployments throughout the lifecycle of our product. And that’s why our product will have a pioneering CI/CD environment that embraces sustainability.

During this phase, we will come together at regular intervals to make sure we are aligned throughout our product development collaboration.

100th Day

Validation Phase

Once the day arrives, we will launch a product that enables you to actually validate your product with defacto tracking and analytics tools like Segment, Amplitude, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics rather than classic methods.

To elevate this process, Our AI-enhanced analytics will enable you to not only track user interactions but also predict future behaviors and trends. It'll offer recommendations for optimization, anticipate user needs, and identify potential friction points before they impact user satisfaction.

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The best tech stack to stay on the right track

We use technology that stands the test of time to create digital products that scale and evolve over the years.

Feature flags
Test driven development
Domain driven development
Acceptance testing

Successful MVPs we built from the ground up

Alperen Akdogan
Marketing Manager, Marley Spoon
Clutch logo
5-star rating review illustration with five red star vectors.

"Aside from their years’ worth of technical expertise, we were delighted with the team’s organized, detail-oriented, and goal-focused approach."

Emre Güzer
CEO & Founder, Lidio Payment
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5-star rating review illustration with five red star vectors.

"We’re extremely satisfied with their excellent communication skills and the exceptional results they delivered."

Community Manager, Rollic Games
Clutch logo
5-star rating review illustration with five red star vectors.

"Their development process was incredibly smooth, and we were pleased with how the end product fit our specifications perfectly."

Mert Yıldız
Co-Founder, Bonded (24 Saatte İş)
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"We never thought they were just doing a job — they put our company’s interests first and stayed accountable till the end."

Can Öz
General Manager, Socrates Dergi
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"They are confident problem-solvers and self-reliant experts whom we now consider our life-long partners."

Ayhan Kocak
Team Lead Product, EY etventure
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5-star rating review illustration with five red star vectors.

"As an agile, adaptive, and easy-going team, Atolye15 responds well to changing conditions and maintains a long-term relationship with our team."

Still got questions about our 100-day MVP model? Here are the answers!

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  • How can we start a project together?

    The first step is to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form, which you can also find here. We will then start the process with a discovery call, followed by a brief exploration phase in which we will collaborate with you to determine the scope of the project and the services we’ll offer you. 

    After that, we are going to present you with a cost estimate, create a statement of work, and arrange kickoff calls with both teams involved. Once all the paperwork is complete, we won’t waste another minute and get to work immediately!

  • What happens once the project is completed?

    The thing is, we are not just “coders.” We are a product development team with a strong business mindset. This means we don’t just develop the product and cut ties with the project. Instead, we make sure to track and evaluate the stats, data, and feedback after the launch to decide whether or not the development process should continue for what’s best for the project.

  • How would you structure the development team?

    To compose the right development team, we first need to know what your project entails. Defining the scope of work and determining your priorities are critical steps in proposing the right team size and assigning the right specialists to the project.

    Our basic team structure is typically made up of an agile team consisting of a project manager, developers, and QA specialists. However, if the project requires their expertise, we can also expand the team with UI/UX designers and DevOps engineers. Throughout the development process, the size and structure of the team can be adapted  to the product’s requirements, and the team can always be scaled if necessary.

  • Will I be getting regular updates from you?

    Of course, you will. To make sure our collaboration is based on open communication, we’ll schedule regular meetings and always stay in constant touch through Slack and Jira. We’ll also keep you up to date with a demo at the end of every Sprint Review. Our team will hold recurring Scrum events such as Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming, and Retro to ensure 100% transparency throughout the development process. And we can always hop on mini calls whenever needed.

  • Do you provide individual talent as outsourced support for existing teams (a.k.a. team/staff augmentation)?

    No, we don’t. We don’t consider our teammates as a workforce to be lent or borrowed. We are a team that cannot be divided. We find strength and motivation in teamwork and do our best work when united.

  • Do I  have ownership of my projects, including the code?

    Yes, you are the owner of the intellectual property rights of your projects and the code.Is it possible to hand over the code to another team at some point?

  • Is it possible to hand over the code to another team at some point?

    Yes. The code we write is in accordance with the software engineering standards. Therefore, our code is easy-to-read and well-documented, making it effortless to transfer our projects to another team if needed.