A Tinder-Like App Redefining the Mercedes-Benz Experience

In an attempt to reinvent the way Benz lovers discover their ideal models, we collaborated with EY Etventure to help Mercedes-Benz design and develop StarMatch. With its Tinder-like Ul design, this web application matches the right car with the right buyer on the right terms.

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Who is

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Mercedes-Benz, a German multinational division of Daimler AG, is a world-renowned automobile manufacturer famed for its line-up of premium vehicles. With a global reputation for luxury, innovation, and superior design, the automotive giant has an expansive network of dealerships and millions of loyal customers across the globe.

Holding a significant market share, processing a multitude of daily transactions, and managing a massive influx of data, Mercedes-Benz continues to lead the way with a firm commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Company Size
170,000+ Employees

What problem was the project solving?

With hundreds of thousands of second-hand vehicles worldwide, Mercedes-Benz aimed to understand and analyze which models were popular in different regions of the world. They envisioned a web application called StarMatch to streamline this process by making the leasing experience through Mercedes Finance easier for customers and generating insights to support global second-hand car operations.

In collaboration with EY Etventure, we took on the challenge of creating StarMatch, a simple and intuitive mobile app to match users with the right pre-owned car at the right cost. EY Etventure steered the business and marketing side while we were responsible for product development.

Starting in Sweden, the goal was to spread across countries, collecting key feedback and regional data on Mercedes' second-hand vehicles. The app would be critical for Mercedes Finance to improve its services and tailor attractive offers. And it would also provide Benz enthusiasts with a smooth ride to their dream car.

How did we bring StarMatch to life?

We developed the StarMatch app inspired by the simplicity and popularity of a Tinder-like interface. Emphasizing the ease of a swipe-based interaction, StarMatch lets users express preferences for Mercedes' second-hand cars with a simple like or dislike. The app connects with Mercedes' vehicle data, presenting a tailored selection based on user preferences such as leasing rate, mileage, and location.

Transforming the car leasing process, Mercedes Finance integrated StarMatch as the initial step for granting financing options. After selecting their preferred vehicle, users can contact the dealer for a test drive or financing discussions. The system captures these preferences and contact details, notifying the respective dealer. Thus, the app offers a seamless experience, from swiping your favorite car to landing the perfect financing deal.

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What was our team structure like?

Our team structure was meticulously organized to optimize project delivery. We formed a Scrum team that included skilled Backend Developers, whose primary goal was to ensure robust and secure data management. Complementing their efforts, our Frontend Developers concentrated on creating a responsive and user-friendly application interface. Our UI Designers played a key role, dedicating their expertise to developing an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design that would engage users effectively.

The synergy between these specialized units allowed for a cohesive and agile development process, with each team member playing a strategic role in bringing the app to life. This collaborative structure of our team was fundamental in not just meeting project milestones but also in setting new benchmarks in digital solutions for automotive matchmaking.

What services did we deliver?

We provided expertise in two main areas: web development and software architecture. The web development part involved creating an interface that was both sleek and easy-to-use, meeting the needs of a diverse user base.

On the software architecture side, we focused on building a strong and flexible framework. This not only supported the functionality of StarMatch but also ensured it could be easily expanded and modified for any future requirements.

Man giving a presentation showing a StarMatch’s mobile app screen, audience in foreground.

What tech stack did we use?

For this project, we chose a powerful combination of technologies to deliver an optimized user experience. Our use of Node.js provided a scalable backend environment, while Angular allowed us to build a dynamic and responsive frontend. TypeScript added an extra layer of security for maintaining code quality throughout.

For continuous integration and seamless deployment, we leaned on CircleCI, which brought efficiency and reliability to our development pipeline. Furthermore, we implemented robust testing frameworks to ensure that every feature release met the high standards expected by Mercedes-Benz. This tech architecture not only facilitated a smooth user experience but also enabled us to maintain a rapid development pace without compromising on the quality and performance of the application.