WTK '15

Creating a knowledge-sharing community

In celebration of giving back!

As the Atolye15 team, we are incredibly committed to our community. So, we take it upon ourselves to give back to the ecosystem we all come from. And the way we give back is through sharing our years’ worth of accumulated technical knowledge and industry experience using platforms such as WTK’15. 

WTK’15 is a tech conference we organized to be held in eight different sessions where ten tech leaders spoke in detail about the intricacies and benefits of web and mobile technologies. This insightful event welcomed 550 attendees who also got the chance to connect and exchange ideas with like-minded people and expand their networks with the brilliant talents of the community. Because WTK is not just a tech conference where you can learn all about the latest news and advancements. But it’s also a social platform where the greatest minds in tech can come together and form strong bonds.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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