WTK '14

United through sharing

Cultivating a community!

As Atolye15, we always wanted to host huge tech conferences to bring the whole community together for exchanging ideas and strengthening our ties. And WTK’14 was the first one of these. While organizing this type of community event, our primary goal is to give back to the ecosystem that greatly contributed to where we are today. And the way we give back is by sharing our years’ worth of technical knowledge and industry experiences.


With that in mind, our first WTK consisted of 6 different sessions where 12 speakers shared their knowledge on a wide range of topics related to the most popular web and mobile technologies. It became an educational and inspirational platform for people to share what they know to watch others grow. But with more than 250 attendees, the event quickly turned into a community meetup where like-minded people with similar interests came together to discuss and expand their networks with the bright minds and exceptional talents of the ecosystem.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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