WTK '18

Gathered at the heart of technology

Giving back to the community

In 2018, we held our 4th conference on web and mobile technologies in Izmir with more than a thousand attendees. And we loved sharing this massive platform with 5 impressive speakers who embrace the giveback culture we all live by as a team. So, it was an honor for us to share what we know and have meaningful discussions on topics relating to PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, React, Angular, Sketch, Figma, and many more in front of the enthusiasts of the community.

Apart from the tech conferences of previous years, this time, we organized even more exclusive networking sessions to give everyone in our ecosystem a better opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar interests and skills. To do that, we designed badges and flags specific to each area of interest to create safe spaces where people could easily come together and have discussions about their fields, learn from each other, and get the chance to expand and strengthen their networks.

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