May 30, 2023

Partners United: Heinrich Schmid’s Visit to the Atolye15 HQ

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Recently, we experienced a monumental moment in our collaboration with Heinrich Schmid, our long-term partner from Germany. We were thrilled to welcome their product owners to our headquarters for a week-long visit. Among the laughter, captivating conversation, and enriching cultural exchange, we were able to strengthen our bonds and deepen our connection, truly highlighting the significance of this memorable encounter.

For the past four years, we've been working closely with Heinrich Schmid, a large-scale German company that boasts a hundred-year history of excellence in providing construction services across Europe. Our journey with the industry leader started with our 100-day MVP model and has now evolved into a 'super app' that over 5,000 HS employees across hundreds of branches use to carry out their operations digitally. This digital transformation has enabled HS to manage 95% of its operations through digital means.

HS's recent visit to our headquarters was in celebration of a major milestone, the Big Bang - the launch day of our project’s biggest features yet! It involved the integration of two new major modules into the existing system, a result of a year-long hard work by two different teams, totaling 14 people. The success of this release was a proud moment for both sides and a joyous occasion that called for a grand celebration in person!

But - of course - we didn’t limit our time together to celebrations alone. We took this opportunity to showcase our working process as we continued our ongoing sprint, developing features for our product. This face-to-face work environment allowed us to evaluate our processes on closer inspection, understand each other better, and identify areas for improvement.

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One of our key focuses was enhancing our robust collaboration by leveraging the benefits of in-person interactions. We held various workshops, brainstorming ways to elevate our communication within this global alliance. The privilege of face-to-face exchange provided a window into each team's thought process, creating an even deeper connection between us.

The HS team’s time here also allowed for some hands-on work through pair programming. Our German product owners got a firsthand look at how our developers operate on a daily basis. They witnessed how we develop the features they request, offering them a better grasp of our systems, the quality of our code, and the intricacies of our operations.

In addition to these, we had in-depth conversations about our upcoming plans. Being face-to-face gave us a better understanding of each other's motives, leading to more productive discussions for the future of our project. And we are excited to say that there are big things brewing!

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However, all work and no play makes for a dull visit! So, we ensured our friends from HS got a taste of our beloved İzmir and the Atolye15 culture. Each day began with a hearty breakfast spread, featuring our lovely boyoz. Sweet breaks with baklava were a daily treat. And the friendly rivalry on the FIFA field brought out our competitive spirits, adding a fun twist to our partnership.

Outside of the office, we took the opportunity to show the HS team the enchanting sights of İzmir. From the city's top seafood restaurants to its breathtaking seaside views and cultural hotspots, we savored every moment and raised a glass of rakı to the memories we made. As our time together drew to a close, we wanted to ensure our German friends carried a piece of İzmir and Atolye15 back home. So, we put together a special kit filled with the flavors of our time together. But the surprise was on us when the HS team presented us with their own thoughtful gifts. This exchange of heartfelt gestures was the cherry on top of a truly unforgettable visit.

A collage of four photos showing a group of people eating baklava, playing FIFA, sightseeing in İzmir, and smiling while looking at souvenirs.

In a nutshell, having the HS team with us at the Atolye15 HQ was an absolute blast. These new shared experiences and the exciting decisions for our project’s future have left us more connected than ever. We’re sure that our next virtual meetings will be even more fun with a repertoire of inside jokes from this union and more productive now that we have spent valuable face-to-face time together. We're so grateful to the HS team for their visit and thrilled about the future of our collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Ecem Pehlivan
Project Management

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