1st Intern Bootcamp

Empowering great minds to greater heights

And so it begins!

In order to give the young and talented members of our community a chance to improve themselves and become successful future developers, designers, and project managers, we decided to organize Intern Bootcamps. 

With these events, our objective is not to find an intern to run the errands of the office, bring us coffee, or make some photocopies. Our primary purpose is to discover brilliant minds willing to take the wheel by directly getting involved in our projects rather than just observing. At these events, we’re constantly on the lookout for curious and highly-skilled individuals who have the potential to turn their internship into a long-term relationship with us as teammates. 

As the first of its kind, this Intern Bootcamp had 50 talented attendees carefully selected out of more than 250 applicants. The event consisted of four workshops specifically designed according to the particular branches of the attendees. And throughout the day, our team guided and assisted our potential interns as they tackled challenging tasks. After careful observation, we finally found the perfect fit to come and join us at our headquarters.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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