7th Intern Bootcamp

The best way to meet new talents

Unearthing the gems of our community!

At our 7th Intern Bootcamp, we got together with the young talents of our community once again and had a day full of workshops where we shared our years’ worth of know-how, helped our future interns tackle various tasks, and got the chance to meet these aspiring developers, designers, and project managers on a more personal level. 


With more than 400 applications received, this year’s Bootcamp drew great interest within our ecosystem. However, we could only narrow it down to 40 to join us at this event. No matter how much we’d like to meet everyone, we only want to have a small circle of candidates we’re capable of managing. The purpose of this is to be able to pay close attention to each attendee to make sure we select the right fit for the team. Because, at Atolye15, we’re not looking for an intern to run our errands for us. We’re looking for someone who shares the same passion and vision as our teammates and someone who is willing to grow to become a part of us for the long haul.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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