8th Intern Bootcamp

The long-awaited Intern Bootcamp

In search of bright minds!

After an unfortunately lengthy pause due to the pandemic, we finally organized our long-awaited 8th Intern Bootcamp. It didn’t last long until we realized how much we missed meeting the young and talented people of our community and working with them side by side on various projects to discover the brilliant new minds to join the Atolye15 Team.

The event took place at İzmir Originn with the participation of 50 aspiring developers, UI/UX designers, and project managers. As always, we started off by informing our future interns more about our team as well as the frontend, backend, design, and PM projects they would work on at the Bootcamp. Then we carefully observed each candidate to be able to spot the exceptional talent that would be the right fit for us. Because at Atolye15, we don’t accept interns to make photocopies and coffee. We accept them so that they can prepare for the A-team and properly learn the job by directly getting involved in projects.


In the end, we finally discovered the talented young intern we’d been looking for, which was an exciting moment for all of us. Because we don’t view an internship as a temporary process. We look at it as an opportunity to form a long-term collaboration for years to come.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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