Coding Challenge İzmir

Building GraphQL API with TypeScript

The winner is off to Amsterdam!

Together as a team, we love unearthing the exceptional talents in our community and giving them new opportunities to improve their capabilities further. So, with that idea in mind, we organized our first-ever Coding Challenge at our headquarters in İzmir. And we decided to send the winner all the way to Amsterdam to attend Europe’s biggest Java Script conference, the great JS Nation!

At Atolye15, we're all about JavaScript development. We love playing with JS and making it fun. And that’s exactly what we planned on doing with this challenge as well. Out of thousands of applications, we picked the top 20 talents our team believed in the most. And while making this decision, we didn’t care if they were students or professionals already working somewhere. What mattered to us the most was finding people that considered themselves as backend developers who felt at ease with TypeScript and GraphQL.

First, we invited everyone to our office for a networking event where we talked about the challenge and their enthusiasm for the craft of development over beer and pizza. The next day, the challenge started, and our developers never left their side in case our participants needed mentors. And when it came to an end, our team conducted a careful code review to provide everyone who joined with valuable line-by-line feedback. Based on this review, we finally crowned the winner of the Coding Challenge and presented the reward that would take him to Europe’s biggest JavaScript conference to learn more and grow his network with like-minded developers from all over the world.

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