Kickoff '19

Here’s to a whole new chapter

Ahoy, 2019 Ahead!

We are always fond of hosting events to support our community with our years’ worth of accumulated knowledge and experience. But we also love organizing team events that are just for us too! And at these exclusive events, like Kickoff’19, our focus heavily lies on bringing our remote team closer and making our bonds stronger as we delve deep into the topic of teamwork. 


Kickoff’19 is one of our annual end-of-year events where we analyze the past year while preparing for the upcoming one. This year too we focused on reviewing what we achieved and what we needed to do better to improve ourselves so that we could concentrate on becoming our best versions in the new year. But like all of our other Kickoffs, our gathering wasn’t limited to that. Because it surely wouldn’t be an Atolye15 team event without lots of food, fits of laughter, and a stunning view to take in.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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