Reunion Party

Once a team, always a team

Reunited and it feels so good!

When someone on the Atolye15 team decides to part ways, we don’t ever cut ties! On the contrary, we strengthen them by celebrating old memories while building new ones. Because once someone becomes one of us, they’re forever a part of us. And that’s why we gathered everyone our paths have ever crossed with and threw a legendary Reunion Party at our headquarters!

It was wonderful to see how so many familiar faces showed up and that no one had lost their Atolye15 spirit. Because as soon as we saw each other, we picked up where we left off and became a close-bound bunch that talked for hours and still danced to our favorite songs like nothing had changed. At the end of the day, no matter where we end up, our roots will always be tangled. Because Atolye15 has always been a supportive family for all members. Here, we will always find a way to bring the whole team together and crank up the music!

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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