10th Year Party

Celebrating 10 years of brilliance

One decade down; many more to go!

For us, each September 15 is important in its own way. But September 15 of 2019 was something else! Because it marked our team’s 10th anniversary. So, of course, in celebration of this glorious day, we couldn’t help but organize a legendary party with friends, clients, teammates who have now become more than family!

If Atolye15 is seen by the whole industry as a reliable product development partner with technical excellence rooted in a decade of experience, we owe that to our team. The remarkable success stories we became a part of and the long-standing partnerships we formed are all thanks to our teammates. That’s why above all else, it was the Atolye15 team that was front and center throughout this event. 

Accompanied by upbeat music, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and more, we had a pretty phenomenal experience that brought us even closer and reminded us of how thankful we are to have so many wonderful people who trusted, supported, and believed in us. Together, we ended a brilliant decade, but the best is yet to come!

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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