Summer Retreat '22

We come alive in the summertime

Recharged by the sun!

Our last Summer Retreat left a tremendous impact on both our team and the industry. And although we knew it would be difficult to top last year, we accepted the challenge and decided to organize yet another one. This time, we made sure to go above and beyond for the best summer of our lives! 

As with every other team event, our utmost priority was to bring our teammates closer and gain new life experiences during Summer Retreat’22 as well. First, we made a quick entrance by speeding across the sea on a tube. Then, we found ourselves at a white party dancing the night away. We raced each other in the mud during our buggy safari and hit the field to score a few goals. But, without a doubt, the most memorable moment of all was when we ended up on a boat partying with a famous DJ by the stunning Marmaris coastline. 

Also, throughout the retreat, we were accompanied by the ultimate Summer Essentials Kit. From colorful hats to towel ponchos, personalized jerseys, tote bags, and waterproof phone pouches, it had everything we needed and more. Designed with each scheduled activity in mind, the kit became an integral part of this memorable experience.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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