New Year Party '23

Dancing our way into the new year

New year, same groovy energy!

Here at Atolye15, we’re huge fans of new beginnings. And what could be a bigger beginning than the New Year itself? So, at the end of December, we decided to gather the whole team at our headquarters and threw an extremely fun team event that quickly became one of our all-time favorites. And it was none other than our famous New Year Party’23! 

Undoubtedly, it was a day full of surprises. And the first of these surprises was the gift bag personalized for each one of us. From a hand-crafted mug to custom-designed phone cases, a tasty box of brownie bites, and a special end-of-year letter, the bag became an epic start to what was to become an epic night! 

When the time for the big celebration finally came, our office turned into a massive party spot we had trouble recognizing. First, our exceptionally talented Cuban stage performers brought that Latin American heat, and then we set the dance floor on fire with our fiery energy and lit dance moves. With awesome music, delicious cocktails, and quality time with our teammates, New Year Party’23 was surely one for the books!

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