July 10, 2023

Stockholm Diaries: An Atolye15 Remote Work Journey

A woman wearing a black Atolye15 backpack in front of the famous Gamla Stan Landmark in Stockholm.

As the world embraces the ever-evolving digital era, our perceptions of 'workspace' are being redefined. For those of us fortunate enough to work remotely, this shift has opened up an entirely new way of experiencing life. As a member of the Atolye15 team, I’m one of those lucky ones who get to be part of this transformation. And thanks to Atolye15’s remote work lifestyle, I find myself in Stockholm, balancing work with the thrill of exploring this amazing city.

At Atolye15, we believe in a liberating interpretation of remote work. It's not about working from home, but rather, working from anywhere. It's the joy of choosing a workspace that aligns with our spirit and fuels our creativity. In a way, remote work becomes our ticket to freedom. Because we're no longer confined within four walls or even a specific time zone. We get to choose which corner of the world becomes our office. And for mine, I chose Stockholm!

Now, my workday begins against a backdrop that changes every day. Some days, it's a cozy café overlooking the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan. On other days, I'm surrounded by the lush greenery of Djurgården. As I dive into my daily tasks, the heartbeat of this vibrant Scandinavian city boosts my productivity, inspiring me in ways a traditional office never could.

Four-photo collage featuring a young woman in Stockholm's streets, experiencing the famous ice bar, and working remotely on her laptop.

After wrapping up work, I try to blend into Stockholm's tempo one day at a time. I stroll along the trendy streets of Södermalm, finding cool little spots that have now become my regular hangouts. I savor Swedish cuisine and keep learning more about the culture with every bite. Conversations with locals over drinks deepen my connection to the city, gradually transforming me from an observer to almost an insider. Each day offers something familiar and new at the same time, and I always look forward to sharing these bits and pieces of my Stockholm life with my teammates.

And it’s not just me in this journey. I am part of an incredible team that thrives on the remote work lifestyle. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the tranquil beaches of Marmaris, and from our headquarters in Izmir to our Berlin office, we’re carving out our own workspace in cities of our choice. Some are working while traveling, their scenery changing from Cologne one week to Brussels and Paris the next. We're all experiencing unique adventures, yet remain interconnected, constantly exchanging our stories.

While this might sound like a scattered existence, the reality is far from it. Even as we spread across the globe, exploring different parts of the world, we remain closely knit. We’re bound by a shared sense of commitment to maintaining strong relationships. Whether it is virtual team events or face-to-face retreats, we make sure to share our unique experiences and learn from each other's adventures. The result is a remarkable blend of personal freedom and community spirit.

Combining personal freedom with a sense of community is a delicate balancing act, but it's a balance that Atolye15 has masterfully achieved. In my past experiences with remote work and solo travel, I enjoyed the liberty to roam, yet I often felt disconnected from my team. It's only at Atolye15 that I've found this extraordinary mixture of independence and team culture. Here, I've discovered that the freedom of remote work doesn’t have to come at the cost of team connection.

As I look out over the beautiful landscape of Stockholm, wondering where I’ll end up next, I'm filled with gratitude for the opportunities Atolye15's remote work lifestyle has given me. With Atolye15, I’m living a life where every day brings a new opportunity for exploration, personal growth, and being part of a dynamic, global community. To me, this is the future of work, and it's a lifestyle that I wouldn't trade for anything!

Özge Uğuz

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