5th Intern Bootcamp

On the hunt for the one

Your future begins here!

Over the years, our Intern Bootcamps have become the center of attention for our community’s young talents who want to get off on the right foot while just getting started in the industry. Because Atolye15 is more than just a workplace. It’s a school that nurtures anyone who’s willing to learn and carries them to new heights. 

Since our eagerness to educate the up-and-coming developers, designers, and PMs in our ecosystem is widely-known, our 5th Intern Bootcamp gathered massive attention once again. Out of more than 450 applications, we decided on inviting 50 brilliant people to join us in our workshops. Throughout the day, the attendees worked on challenging projects to showcase their skills for the chance to become one of us. And in the end, it wasn’t one but two winners who proved they were Atolye15 material.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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