6th Intern Bootcamp

Searching for the new stars of our team

On the lookout for the right fit!

Each Intern Bootcamp we organize attracts a great deal of attention from young and brilliant minds in pursuit of showcasing their talents to become a part of the Atolye15 team. And the 6th one of these much-anticipated community events was no exception either. 


With 50 attendees who were carefully chosen out of more than 500 applicants, our 6th Intern Bootcamp hosted a total of 4 workshops. And during these workshops, our team guided the attendees and meticulously took note of how they worked as they completed their projects. Because at these Bootcamps, we’re not looking for an intern to work with us just for a few months. We are looking for our future developers, designers, and project managers capable enough to become our long-term teammates. And at the end of this event, we found not one but two!

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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