Berlin Trip '23

We are officially true Berliners

Celebrating our grand opening!

We thought we had seen it all, but nothing could have prepared us for the incredible time we had in Berlin! Our recent 4-day-long adventure to the German capital was no ordinary trip - it was a turning point for us all. The grand opening of our Berlin office was just the beginning of something big, and we were there to celebrate it!

As a remote team, our main goal was to create unforgettable life experiences for the whole squad and collect memories that would last a lifetime. And we surely did succeed! From chowing down on pretzels in front of the great Brandenburg Gate to sipping Bavarian beers in biergartens, we had a blast. We indulged our foodie vibes with some juicy burgers and German-style döner and even managed to squeeze in a few touristy activities. But the highlight of our trip was definitely the grand opening of our Berlin office. After months of hard work and much-awaited anticipation, we made sure to celebrate this big moment with a happy hour on our new terrace, hung out with some of our German clients, and even popped champagne to mark the occasion!

But what made our time in Berlin even more special was the Berlin Essentials Kit we designed specifically for the trip. It included a stylish luggage tag, a passport case, a cozy Berlin-themed scarf to battle the chilly weather, a sleek Berlin tote bag, and more. We carried these essentials throughout the trip, and they will always serve as tangible reminders of the incredible memories we made as a team in Berlin. We're already looking forward to our next trip together - who knows where we'll end up next!

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