Homecoming '23

Back together for a grand reunion

Coming back with a bang!

Kicking off with a long-awaited coworking session at our headquarters and a happy hour we all needed, Homecoming '23 quickly turned into a full-blown celebration! But this wasn't just any get-together; it brought us back as a team after some time apart and highlighted our 14 years in the game. Perfect for a squad that's all about mixing hard work with hearty celebrations!

The party was a mix of everything we love – great music, mouth-watering food, and endless dancing. Our newest team members got the full Atolye15 party experience, while the old-timers relived the nostalgia. But the night had a deeper meaning too. Between the laughs and dance-offs, we made sure to raise our glasses to salute our 14 years of hard work and team spirit that make Atolye15 what it is.

As the party wrapped up, the whole team felt a collective recharge. Homecoming '23 didn't just give us a night to remember; it set the stage for an exciting future. It was a reminder that although we're great at working remotely, nothing beats being together. With year 14 ending on such a high note, we can't wait to see what Atolye15’s 15th year has in store!

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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