3rd Intern Bootcamp

Helping the good become the best

Steer your future in the right direction!

Receiving more than 650 applications in quite a short amount of time, our 3rd Intern Bootcamp became one of the most popular events we had ever organized for the young and bright minds of our community. Together, we carefully narrowed the number down to 50 attendees who were beyond excited to showcase their talents to join us as our next intern. But what they didn’t know was that we were just as excited as they were. Because when we see a spark in an intern, we make sure that internship turns into a longer and closer relationship as teammates. 

Throughout the event, we held four workshops where our young attendees would tackle different tasks and case scenarios specific to their branches as our aspiring developers, designers, and project managers. After the attentive support and careful observation of our team, we decided to choose an exceptional talent to come and join us at our headquarters.

We hang out, learn, and grow together!

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