9th Intern Bootcamp

A business bootcamp like no other

Cultivating tomorrow's BizDev stars!

Intern bootcamps at Atolye15 are always a big topic of conversation. And on December 9th, we hosted one of those famous intern bootcamps once again at our Izmir headquarters. But this one was different from any we've had before! Moving away from our usual tech focus, this bootcamp was all about Business Development!

This time around, we shifted our attention from uncovering exceptional developers, designers, and project managers to refining our growth strategy in the dynamic world of business. With our development, design, and other departments already well-established, this move marks a strategic turn towards setting up a sales & marketing team for our expanding global presence.

At this year's bootcamp, we were excited to welcome a carefully handpicked group of talented young minds. We began by introducing them to the Atolye15 culture, which is fundamental to our approach. The day continued with a series of interactive activities and presentations, all aimed at giving them practical insights into our international business operations and an opportunity to showcase their skills. While all the participants were impressive, some truly stood out. We're eagerly looking forward to seeing how these bright individuals will grow and develop on their new journey with Atolye15, where we'll be supporting them every step of the way.

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